DeepTone | Defeat Cellulite
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Why do women have cellulite?


What is cellulite? Under a microscope, cellulite 
looks like average fat. The dimpled appearance
 is caused by connective tissue just beneath
 the skin. When the body gains weight, fat
 fills the pockets around the connective tissue
 which creates this look.


As skin loses its elasticity due to aging and
 other factors, fat clumps become more visible. 
One contributing factor of why women are
 more prone to cellulite is the female hormone
 estrogen. In addition to its other functions, this
 hormone also causes the body to store 
excess fat.

Now you can defeat stubborn 


How do you combat cellulite? DeepTone teaches
you how to empty your fat cells, eliminate
 toxins and build beautiful defined muscles in
 an amazing one-of-a-kind program.


You can get dramatic changes in your body’s
 appearance in less time with the DeepTone 
1 Hour A Week® program.


With the unique DeepTone 1 Hour, One Day
 A Week® workout program, it’s possible to see
 your cellulite diminishing in as little as
 3-4 workouts.