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Look like you work out 3-5 days a week

  • Proven for over 25 years to get you fitter faster
  • Burn more fat than long, slow cardio
  • Transform your body and fitness in 60 Minutes, Once A Week®
  • One of todays most effective cutting-edge fitness programs
  • Over 15 thousand satisfied customers

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How it works...


Over 15,000 people have successfully
achieved results with just doing the DeepTone Once A Week® workout program.


DeepTone is a hard workout, but it's short
and sweet and the results are spectacular.


It's not pilates, yoga, aerobics, cardio
or typical weight training.


Because everyone works out at their own strength level, just about anyone can do the DeepTone fitness program.


At DeepTone, you are taught an exclusive exercise method called the CMRS Stimulus® technique. This method uses 21 techniques
in a layering process that effectively recruits muscle fibers quickly and more efficiently in
a concentrated 1 hour class.

This particular method of working out speeds up toning, sculpting and strength gains.

It's not a long drawn out process like most typical workouts. It's intense but short.


This method has been kept a trade secret for
25 years. It's impossible to describe it without experiencing it.


This method produces incredible strength gains so rapidly that no other exercise program compares to the results that can be achieved with this unique method. REALLY!


Because our classes are smaller than most health clubs, we're able to give you personal attention plus free coaching when needed.

Our friendly atmosphere and unique program makes you look forward to coming each week. Our trainers are patient and caring and you'll be treated as part of our family.


In addition to the workout program,
getting results does not require spending money on supplements. DeepTone teaches you what we call "Intelligent Eating". You get
to purchase your own food at your local
super market.


Fat and inch loss can be accelerated when
you combine the DeepTone workout with
our nutritional guidelines for healthy eating. The workout and weight loss programs can
be modified for individual needs.


Clients stay with us for years.
In fact, some for as long as 20 plus years!


DeepTone can challenge even the most
elite athletes. You can develop 2 to 3 times more strength and stamina with this method.


Your progress is important to us and
we work hard to get you the results you want.


There is no other workout program available that uses this method and produces these body changing results in this short amount of time:
1 Hour, One Day A Week®.